What The Republican And Democrat Prayers Tell Us About The Two Parties

What The Republican And Democrat Prayers Tell Us About The Two Parties

When you compare the Republican prayer to the Democrat prayer, you find many things that are telling. To let you know at the very beginning, I’m not writing this to get into a debate about the various ways that people pray. Nor am I making a point about individual people or religions. I’m writing this to contrast the mindsets of the Left and the Right in this nation, as exemplified by their national conventions. There is a clear difference between the two parties.

When you watch the Republican prayer, certain things are clear:

1. They are respectful. Their bowed heads, hats off and quiet reverence reveal their honor to God. They didn’t casually invite Him into their ceremonies; they humbly invited Him.

2. They have a God. The Republicans invoked Jesus Christ and his mercy into the political system. They recognize the most basic part: their God has an identity, has a name, and has standards. They are willing to acknowledge who their God is and what he demands. They are not confused about who they worship.

3. They pray for their opposition. With humble submission to the commands of Jesus, the Republicans prayed blessings on the Democrats. They asked God to soften hearts and give peace. They prayed for children and all who were hurting. This shows it genuine concern for the nation.

4. They acknowledge the need for salvation. They pray that Jesus Christ’s atonement would be applied to them and others. This indicates they recognize that they do not have the answers. The Republicans turn to Jesus Christ for their hope. In another way of saying this: they look outward, not inwards.

Now, contrast the humility, peacefulness, and submission to God by the Republicans with the Democrat prayer:

1. They were raucous and disrespectful. When the prayer began, the arena began chanting, dancing, and booing the speaker. Many started shouting the names of Bernie, while their opposition shouted Clinton. There was no indication they cared that God had been invited into their proceedings. To the Democrats, God was unwelcome and unworthy of respect.

2. They have no God. It became increasingly clear that the Democrats have no God. In addition to their actions outside of this convention that show they want nothing to do with God (removing Him from school, not valuing life via abortion and euthanasia, booing Him at last year’s convention, fighting Christianity anywhere it appears in public), their actions during the prayer are very revealing. If they believed their God had arrived during the prayer, they would have been in reverence. After all, God is much more powerful than humanity, and naturally gets our respect. They gave none of that. Additionally, the ending of their prayer is a public acknowledgment of their confusion. They ended the prayer by praying it in “your name.” Their God has no name, no identity, and is not respected.

3. They prayer was a speech of adoration for Clinton, not God. The prayer was more of what the Democrats were going to do, not asking God what to do or praying for help. They used the opportunity to invite God into the area by telling him they were going to nominate Hillary Clinton. What if their nameless God wanted Bernie? They did not care. They were going to inform God of their pre-planned decision to make Clinton the nominee. By a reasonable understanding, they were more concerned with Hillary than their God.

4. They had pride, not humility. During the prayer, the Democrats claimed that their nameless God had given them wisdom, and all they were lacking now was the courage to do what they had pre-planned to do. This invokes a spirit of pridefulness. The wisest among us never claim to have wisdom. As the old saying goes: the older you get, the less you know. The Democrats spirit of self-regard dismissed the notion of needing God’s guidance.

The comparisons between the two parties could not be clearer. Their prayers are great indicators of how they view the nation, themselves, and their political adversaries. We often say, if you want to know somebody, look at their family. The same principle holds true for political parties. If you want a clear understanding of how the two organizations operate, look at how they view God.

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