University Of Texas Austin Redefines Masculinity To Mean Femininity

University Of Texas Austin Redefines Masculinity To Mean Femininity

Over the past few years we’ve seen some incredible attacks against men from those in media and entertainment, but most recently we’ve watched the anti-male agenda worm it’s way into academia. Colleges used to be a place of learning, where ideas were challenged, positions were debated, and thoughts were formulated into coherent and valuable conversations. Nowadays though, we find that institutions of higher learning are nothing more than echo-chambers, filled from top-to-bottom with parrots seeking to be the loudest rebroadcasters of the propaganda pushed down from on high. Learning is no longer the objective; conformity is the goal. It’s leading to some wacky situations on campus. Efforts to undo masculinity are underway in North Carolina, Duke, Northwestern, and Connecticut.

To view Exhibit A for this insanity, let’s go to the University of Texas at Austin, and specifically to the Counseling and Mental Health Center, where the innovators of thought and society over there have decided to help men “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.” 


The fact that someone has to take control of their gender identity should be indication enough that there’s a problem, but when we create entire departments dedicated to the idea, you know the car’s already halfway off the cliff. More details are about to follow, but the whole issue can be summed up by the fact that our culture refuses to label anything as right and wrong anymore, and there is no longer an accepted standard for anything at all. In fact, simply saying that something should be a certain way is considered intolerant and abusive, and therefore should be ostracized. It makes having a successful, nation, state, city, community, family, or even personality impossible. We must have agreed upon norms and right/wrong standards.

UT Austin is currently interviewing prospective leaders to fill the position of “Healthy Masculinities Coordinator” – a gig that pays a minimum of $50,000 a year, allegedly to tell men just how bad at being men they really are. Somebody is going to have cushy job.

The group in charge of this endeavor is called MasculinUT, and they want to retrain the males on campus to think about themselves in a new light, one that doesn’t conform to traditional masculine traits. You know I’m talking about. It’s things like opening doors for women, providing for a family, and other awful, patriarchal traits we’ve tried to instill in young men for millennia. They have a list of myths associated with masculinity, such as:

MYTH: Masculinity is the opposite of femininity: this myth assumes that there are two acceptable ways of existing: as a masculine person or a feminine person.”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that’s exactly how the world works. There is masculine and feminine, and just because someone wants to mix the two doesn’t mean all of human history and experience on this issue goes out the window. Common sense is apparently no longer common. We all know when a young man is acting ‘girly’, just like we know when a little girl pretends to be a boy. It’s not acceptable among the elite in our society to point this out, but that doesn’t change reality.

I’ll give it to the Counseling and Mental Health Center there in Austin, they got one thing right when they said, “the definition of ‘real men’ shifts throughout time.” How true a statement! We are presently watching the deterioration of men in America, and as time marches on it just might get worse. The danger of this deterioration is only going to grow as well. You see, we need traditionally masculine men. We need the strong care-takers, the ones who see it as their natural place to protect and provide for those weaker than themselves. We need manly males to voluntarily step into the gap between danger and those around them. These classically masculine men are the gatekeepers of our society. They are the ones who lay down their lives when evil approaches. 

Other cultures in our world are not so ignorant as to try and retrain the masculinity out of their societies. They value them, respect them, and promote them. One day, if we keep turning our boys into girls, another nation’s men will come in destroy us, and their ‘toxic masculinity’ will be our undoing. So rather than telling young men that it’s wrong to want to be strong, successful, in control, and powerful, we should be encouraging them, while at the same time teaching them to respect those around them who are weaker and need protecting. What’s the old phrase? With great power comes great responsibility.

Let’s not remove strong men from our culture so the weak feel better. Instead, let’s teach strong men to respect the weak, and that will make our nation itself stronger.

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