Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been A Huge Success, And It’s Not Even A Question

Trump’s First 100 Days Have Been A Huge Success, And It’s Not Even A Question

We have now reached 100 days of the Trump presidency, and that means it’s time to evaluate him. Why at 100 days? Because it’s an arbitrary number that makes people feel good when it comes to passing judgment on success/failure. In truth, the 100 day mark is not a good indicator of how the President is doing, nor is it a strong predictor of what happens going forward. It would be better to wait until 2 years have passed before we begin talking about legacies and ‘leaving a mark’, but in the spirit of political elitism, let’s play along.

The Left would have us believe that President Trump is the worst executive in American history, colludes with the Russians on a daily basis, is incapable of getting legislation passed, and can’t focus on doing the job. If we were to believe them, this would be the grimmest time in U.S. history, filled with starving children and cities overrun with sewage and rotting animal carcasses. Let’s review the past 100 days and see if Armageddon really has come to the shining city on a hill, or if liberals are simply so bitter at their Queen’s loss that they can’t acknowledge good results from their avowed real-estate nemesis. While I could list a massive number of things he has done, here’s just 10 major actions that have taken place that show Trump is a success thus far:

1) The President has taken contract bids and laid the groundwork for the border wall.

2) Illegal immigration is down more than 60% under Trump.

3) The stock market has set records and the housing market is booming.

4) Involvement in TPP has been eliminated.

5) The Keystone project has been approved.

6) A constitutionalist Supreme Court Justice has replaced the late Antonin Scalia.

7) The Executive branch is unapologetically supporting the 2nd Amendment.

8) The leftstream media has been openly exposed as biased in favor of Democrats.

9) A hiring freeze on federal workers has been imposed.

10) For every regulation that is created, two must be eliminated.

These facts alone show that President Trump has been successful in his first 100 days. Is there room for more to be done? Of course! Have there been setbacks? Without a doubt. Has Trump made mistakes? Absolutely. We do know this, however: it is clear that left-wing extremist judges in the 9th Circuit are doing everything they can to render the President impotent. They are so skewed to the left that it’s a tragedy for justice and the Constitution. The American people should be confident, however, that Trump will persevere through the illegal power grabs these judges are taking, and will eventually get his way.

There still remains some major things to get done: tax reform, repeal of Obamacare, and building up our military, to name a few. These are necessary actions and will undoubtably happen as we keep going forward. It might happen slowly, due to the obstruction of Democrats and lack of courage by certain Republicans, but it will happen. Perhaps most interesting of all the things President Trump has to deal with is North Korea. They have the potential to take the focus off the domestic and keep it planted on the foreign for the next 4-8 years. That would certainly be a curveball for Mr. Trump, but not one that he can single-handedly influence in his favor.

In the end, after 100 days, it is hard to make an argument against Trump’s success. If you are a fan of limited government, Trump succeeds on Justice Gorsuch’s confirmation. If you are a fan of energy independence, the Keystone Pipeline is a Trump win. If you are a fan of national security and strong borders, the drop in illegal immigration and beginnings of the border wall show you Trump has flourished. By these measures and numerous others, it’s been a great start.

And to think, it’s only been 100 days.

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