TN Gun Bill Will Help Restore Your Rights

TN Gun Bill Will Help Restore Your Rights

The TN General Assembly is working on a gun bill that will protect the rights of Tennesseans throughout the State. Although it has not yet been signed by Governor Haslam, he has said that he will follow the leading of the legislature on this issue. So, if it gets approved by both the House and Senate, we’ll see it the law of the land in Tennessee. For those of you unaware of what’s going on, it goes something like this:

Tennesseans (like all Americans) have a Constitutional right to carry a weapon with them. Although some of our friends on the Left like to pretend this is for hunting purposes, the real reason we have this right to is protect ourselves from those who would do us harm. In many places we are not allowed to carry firearms, such a certain parks, buildings and transit vehicles. We are told that it is for our safety, but in reality, it only makes us less safe (not to mention it deprives us of our Constitutional rights). So the legislature has decided to give these cities and locales an ultimatum: Either allow citizens to carry their weapon with them, or purchase metal detectors, hire security guards, and do bag checks at each entrance to these particular facilities.

This is, of course, an expensive venture, and that’s exactly the purpose. By denying Tennesseans their right to defend themselves, and not putting in place reasonable protections for these citizens who are stripped of their rights, cities and towns are setting themselves up for failure. Forcing local governments to choose between expensive security or allowing the people to protect themselves is by design; it makes these leaders on the Left realize the error of their ways. If they want to make people vulnerable, they will have to pay for their protection.

Jesse Mayshark, the spokesman for Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero, said this bill was “unnecessary,” and I couldn’t disagree more. Anytime the government infringes on the rights of its citizens, it is always necessary to remedy that transgression. By pretending that certain locations are ‘safe zones’, without actually making them safe, authorities are increasing the chance for a harmful situation to occur, and should be held liable.

Do these Leftists understand that a bad guy with a gun is not going to stop at the doorway of a location and turn around, just because there’s a sign declaring the place to be gun-free? If anything, that’s an invitation to commit the act of violence because there will be less resistance. The TN legislature is recognizing that law-abiding citizens should not be left defenseless, just because some government officials feel unsafe around weapons.

To be clear, this bill is not perfect, and it has a lot of exemptions for locations to keep banning weapons. Such locations include libraries, schools, parks used by schools, and Head Start facilities. By exempting these locations, the TN General Assembly is stopping short of a complete understanding of why we have the 2nd Amendment in the first place. What makes a school so specials that personal protection is not needed? How many times do we have to see school shootings to know that bad guys with guns won’t avoid a school just because it’s on a ‘no-gun-list’? What about libraries or parks? It’s absurd to think that these places are safe just because we call them safe.

The Legislature should go a step further and pass a bill that allows guns anywhere. After all, if a bad guy with a gun can get in, the best way to combat that is a good guy with a gun. Forcing governments to choose between disarming it’s populations or providing security is not unreasonable. It would be preferable to simply get out of the way and let citizens exercise their Constitutional rights without government intrusion. However, until the day comes when government is restored to its rightful place of limitation, this bill will take us one step closer to utilizing the freedoms we are entitled to enjoy.

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