The Ohio State Shooting Is Another Reminder That We Chose Correctly In The Election

The Ohio State Shooting Is Another Reminder That We Chose Correctly In The Election

At Ohio State University today, a lone attacker drive his car into a crowd on campus, then leapt from his vehicle and began stabbing as many people as he could. Police shot him dead, but not before he was able to critically injure nine people in the ambush. In a not-so-surprising revelation, the ambusher was 18-year-old Abdul Artan, a Somali refugee who came to America in 2014 and began school at OSU as a legal permanent resident. Here’s the kicker: before coming to the USA, Abdul and his family left their home in Somalia and moved to Pakistan in 2007.

Of course, it didn’t take long for the Lefties in our nation to start decrying gun violence and demanding gun control, even though not a single gun was used in Abdul’s attack. The real issue here is not guns (of which none were involved), but rather the impossibility of vetting refugees from the Middle East and surrounding nations. Under Barak Obama, we have seen a huge swelling of people from Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and many other places that are known for producing terrorists. Hillary Clinton promised to increase the number of refugees. In addition, ISIS has recently called on sympathetic individuals living in the US to conduct random knife attacks on unsuspecting Americans. By all accounts, this event fits the bill perfectly.

We should all be thankful Donald Trump is about to assume the Presidency in January, because there will be less of these tragedies happening on our soil. Whether or not you accept it, the truth is clear: we are unable to properly conduct background checks on these people from terror-sponsoring nations, and the sooner we stop allowing them into our country, the better we will all be. What happened today is another reminder that choosing Trump over Clinton was the best decision we could have made concerning our national security.

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