The Left Has Cried Wolf Too Many Times

The Left Has Cried Wolf Too Many Times

In what is becoming very commonplace on our televisions and computer screens, we are watching angry liberals burn private businesses, vehicles and various other properties to the ground over even the slightest offense. It is now no longer shocking to see angry mobs of rioters destroying everything in their paths, cursing at conservatives, calling for the President’s assassination, and making general ruin of common decency. At first it was appalling and almost unbelievable, but those days are over, and now we speak of regular Chicago, Oakland and Portland riots as if they were as normal as having breakfast. In one sense it’s sad, but in a more realistic sense, it’s pathetic.

How did we get here? That’s an easy question to answer. The truth is this: Leftists are perpetually angry, and choose to get offended by everything. Make sure you notice that I wrote the word ‘choose’, because that’s key. We cannot control other people, but we can control our response to other people. The choice for many liberals is to demonize anything they disagree with: Trump is the devil, conservatives are Nazis, the free market is what causes cancer, and pro-lifers are committed to the destruction of every woman on the face of the earth. It’s rhetoric we hear hourly these days, and it has started to fall on deaf ears.

As mind-blowing as it is, I still interact with people who do not understand why Donald Trump won the election. They cannot seem to grasp the frustration Americans feel whenever they are demonized and unjustly characterized as racists, sexists, homophobic, bigots, Islamaphobic, and every other phobia and ism you can dream up (I’m sure there are college groups dedicated to discovering new ones every day). Mr. Trump won the election because Americans are sick of being portrayed as “on the wrong side of history.” The Left can’t (or won’t) come to the stage of acceptance after their grief.

When Trump says he will enforce the law and build the wall that Congress authorized (with votes by Senators Obama, Biden and Schumer by the way), liberals go crazy. When conservatives put a halt on immigration to develop a better plan to keep Americans safe, the Left loses it’s mind. When the President nominates a Supreme Court Justice that vows to interpret the Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended, progressives go into a frenzy. Every decision is the end of the world. Every stand for the rule of law is Armageddon. Because of this, we’ve reached the point where these eternally-irate snowflakes have lost their influence. The world only sees them as petulant children these days.

You can only cry wolf so many times before people stop listening. This is what has happened in our nation. The American people are no longer paying attention to the temper tantrums of our fellow citizens on the Left. It has gotten old and tiresome. If these people keep it up, then the Democrat party really will turn into a coastal party, with large, angry, rioting mobs of college students built on identity politics and constant affronts to their values.

If Democrats really wanted to influence those who disagree with them, they would stop rioting, start condemning the childish actions of those who claim to represent them, and start having meaningful conversations with the large swath of Americans who are happy with the way the election turned out. I do not associate with conservatives who are unwilling to have a respectful dialogue with someone on the Left, and condemn any who are so partisan that they only attack. On the other hand, it is almost a daily occurrence that I interact with a liberal who gets angry at conservative positions, starts calling names, and commences the obligatory “I’m offended” routine. Each time someone says they are offended, that’s the signal that they have lost the conversation and are playing their last card. When you can’t win on facts, you appeal to feelings.

I understand that not everyone agrees with the conservative position. I interact with many of you every day on my radio show. In fact, I welcome a productive conversation with you about our differences. What will not be accepted, however, is a mindset of constant hurt-feelings and enduring slights. No conservatives burnt cities to the ground when Obama won (twice). We on the Right sucked it up and kept arguing for our positions. That ability to separate feelings from facts won us the election this time, and what did we get in return for our civility during the Obama elections? We get daily destruction of private property, physical attacks for our political positions, and threats to kill our Commander-in-Chief. It’s lawlessness, and it’s not acceptable in our society.

I encourage my liberal friends to stop getting so upset that you can’t think and speak clearly.

Let’s disagree, but let’s not kill each other.

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