The Government Is Trying To Be The Thought-Police

The Government Is Trying To Be The Thought-Police

Over the past few days, the world has watched in horror at the video of 4 black people who kidnapped and tortured a lone white man in Chicago. Their actions were despicable and remind us all again of the type of evil that exists in some people. Our hearts break for the young man, and we are rightfully angered and seeking punishment against these thugs. They explicitly declared their hate of white people, and this was definitely a racially-motivated crime. With that being established, this must be said: our society must stop labeling certain crimes as ‘hate crimes’.

We typically call something a ‘hate crime’ if it involves white on black crime or vice-versa. It’s almost always a black-white thing…a holdover from the days gone by of the KKK and Black Panther organizations. Yet, regardless of skin color, a crime is a crime. Whether or not the offender likes or dislikes other ethnicities is irrelevant. Again, we are obsessed with skin color. Are you more dead if a murder is a ‘hate crime’ instead of a ‘regular crime’? More robbed? More raped? Then there’s the problem of the accurate labeling of a ‘hate crime’. Who decides what hate looks like? Hate is subjective. If a man kills his wife with a knife, all while yelling “I hate you!”, he won’t be charged with a ‘hate crime’. But if a white man kills a black man with a knife because of the color of his skin, he will be charged with a ‘hate crime’. It’s all absurd! They’re both equally murdered! By calling something a ‘hate crime’, we are inviting the government into policing our thoughts, which it has no business doing. We need government to prevent actions, not thoughts, and that’s really all hate is…a thought. We are all Constitutionally protected if we choose to hate other people. You can hate white people, black people, gay people, straight people…you can hate everyone and everything. That’s your choice. It doesn’t make it moral, but it’s not illegal.

So when we find someone raped, or murdered, or tortured, there should be a pre-defined penalty for that action, without an extra penalty thrown on top for a thought the criminal had. Once we go down that road, the road where the government can penalize you for how you feel, then what’s stopping them from one day punishing you for your thoughts alone, independent from a criminal action? Who wants a Minority Report government that tells you how you are allowed to feel about other people? That’s all a ‘hate crime’ is…it’s the government giving you an extra punishment because you feel a certain way about somebody. That’s a power they don’t need and mustn’t have.

We have already seen the bakers in Oregon forced to bake a cake for a gay couple or shut down. They chose not to violate their consciences and thus went out of business…all because they government wanted to force them to think a certain way. When will not accepting homosexuality as normal or choosing to believe in God become a ‘hate-crime’? If you kill someone in the name of your god, it’s murder. But can the government then add 20 years to your sentence because you killed an atheist? Why does that matter? If you rob the home of someone who has red hair, and in court it comes out that you aren’t a fan of red hair, can you get an extra 5 years of probation because you hate red-heads? This is government run-amok.

We call things ‘hate crimes’ so we can add more punishment to offenders of certain crimes. This has been shown as ineffective at stopping those crimes. So, we are failing at preventing crime using this method, and in actuality we are only continuing a tradition of identity politics and identity justice. A better way to stop ‘hate crimes’ would be to return to a culture of morality, family, and faith. Let’s get the government out of the hate-stopping business, and put the church and family back into a place of prominence. When we learn to love again, hate will diminish. No amount of extra punishment or government can fix this. Let the government focus on actions, and let the family and church focus on mentality.

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