Socialism In Venezuela Is Causing Chaos, But The U.S. Can Fix It

Socialism In Venezuela Is Causing Chaos, But The U.S. Can Fix It

Socialism in Venezuela is causing chaos, but the U.S. can fix it.

I’m not talking about America running Maduro out of town with our military and installing opposition leader Juan Guaidó as president (although that’s not the worst thing that could happen), but rather by using our strength and worldwide influence to force Maduro to resign. We have the ability to make things very bad for the dictator, and it’s in our best interest, the world’s best interest, and most importantly, the people of Venezuela’s best interest for him to be gone.

Since 2014, when the structural breakdown swung into full force, over 3 million Venezuelans have fled the country. For those who have stayed, it’s been pain and misery. On Saturday, crowds rushed humanitarian food trucks to get the international aid, and when it was all said and done, 4 people were dead and 300 were injured. Maduro had ordered the national guard to stop the trucks and prevent his own people from eating. It’s despicable. Only a tyrant would do such a thing.

Maduro claims his nation doesn’t need the food, but if that’s true, why would the citizenry be rushing a food trucks that they don’t need? Why would he have to use the military to stop them? Obviously, the people are starving and he’s trying to hold onto power. Fortunately, some aid was able to enter the country from Brazil, but not nearly enough. The question is no longer, “Is Maduro legitimate?,” but rather, “How long can Maduro maintain his iron grip?”


Meeting With Vice-President Pence

Guaidó met with Vice-President Mike Pence in Columbia today, where the VP pledged support and assistance to the man dozens of countries recognize as the true leader of the Venezuelan people. It was the right thing to do. America is not the world’s policemen, but we are the world’s leader, and it’s situations like this that require us to lead. President Trump and VP Pence are correct to support Guaidó, and while military action isn’t desired, it shouldn’t be ruled out. Venezuela is on the brink of changing their history. The people want freedom. They want open markets. They want individual liberty. Socialism in Venezuela is not welcome. We should support that. We can’t afford to let the Russias, Chinas and Turkeys of the world continue to influence our neighbors to the south. America can gain in important ally if we act swiftly.

Columbia, Ecuador, Peru and Brazil have all taken in Venezuelans seeking to flee the chaos of their homeland. In fact, last year Ecuador even declared a state of emergency on their border (a story for another time, revealing how Trump is justified here in America on our southern border). Then United States has taken in some as well. But the ideal scenario isn’t to move everyone out of the nation and into other places; it’s to create a stable and peaceful country that can spread the right kind of values across the region.

A Warning To America

Socialism in Venezuela has decimated the nation. It should serve as a warning to the AOCs and Sanders of the world that we shouldn’t go down that path. Of course, those leaders aren’t interested in listening, but hopefully the common people in America can see for themselves just how terrible a system it really is. If you value liberty and choice, socialism is a great evil. If you value big-government control, however, look to Venezuela.

Let’s pray that our American leadership, as well as the leadership of nations around the world, will choose to continue the stand for freedom and liberty. Abandoning the people of that nation isn’t the right move. Standing firmly with them is what we must continue to do. The chaos that exists because of socialism in Venezuela is real, but if we keep putting the pressure on Maduro, we can all walk away from this with a win.

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