President Trump Should Move Quickly Because The Democrats Can’t Stop Him

President Trump Should Move Quickly Because The Democrats Can’t Stop Him

This is the moment the Right has been waiting for. After decades of divided government and gridlock (mingled with a few years of complete Democrat control), Republicans finally have the ideal situation: The Presidency, the Senate and the House are all under GOP control. Add to this incredible win the fact that two-thirds of State assemblies are also Republican, and there are plenty of reasons for the long-mocked elephants to want to take it to their smug donkey counterparts.

No, Trump wasn’t the ideal candidate for many, and his conservative credentials leave some a bit…uneasy. However this is the prime opportunity for Republicans to act on the new leadership the American people have given them, and they can’t squander it. Because they control the government, the Republicans must not fear the Democrats and their mean words. This is not the time to play nice. It’s game time, and we have the ball, home-field advantage, and the crowd on our side. Our country could very well depend on whether or not the GOP dominated government chooses to act, or be simply be content with full power.

The Democrats are going to try and convince us that we should reign in our power, use caution in all areas, and slow down to build a consensus. I say forget all that mess. Go big and go hard, and do what the American people have been wanting for decades. If the GOP can find the courage to do what they were sent to Washington to do, we could be looking at the most conservative decades of our lifetime immediately ahead of us. Here are 5 things the Republican government must do, led by President Donald J. Trump, now that Democrats are helpless to stop them:

1) Nominate a highly conservative Supreme Court Justice (or 2, or possibly even 3). It’s time to begin the restoration of the Constitution. For far too long leftists have been getting away with extra-Constitutional behavior. Let’s put a stop to that immediately.

2) Build a big, beautiful wall. This is the physical representation of everything Democrats hate. They despise immigration control, because it limits their potential voters. By building the wall, President Trump and the Republicans will secure our nation’s borders and create thousands of jobs.

3) End Obamacare and allow the free-market to give us great health care. Government is the main reason things get clunky and weighted down. Free the markets, allow competition, and watch our living conditions and health care services skyrocket.

4) Simplify taxes. One of the biggest areas of government invasion is over-taxation. Trump has committed to simplifying the tax code from 7 brackets to 3. Reducing the strong-hand of government in the lives of the people will make us motivated to work again…and make the Democrats seethe. After all, the more people collecting government checks, the more voters they have. Create incentives to work, and the party of the Left isn’t as effective.

5) Start dismantling the 3-letter-agencies. Unelected bureaucrats from thousands of government agencies exercise too much control over the free American people. Let’s have each department head stand before Mr. Trump every Saturday, justify their existence, and watch the new President fire an entire department each week, Celebrity Apprentice-style. I know it’s a pipe-dream, but really, why not? Trump did, after all, say that for every new regulation, 2 must be taken off the books.

Don’t be afraid, GOP. The government is ours for the taking. America’s future is finally able to be restored. If you hesitate, it won’t be long before the people realize you have no backbone and replace you again. However, if you act now, act strongly, and act correctly, we can Make America Great Again.

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