OUTRAGE: Students Shown Graphic Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Video

OUTRAGE: Students Shown Graphic Planned Parenthood Sex-Ed Video

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Students at Pine View High School in Florida were shown a graphic, Planned Parenthood video promoting homosexuality, sex before marriage, and sexual experimentation. The video is filled with blunt and graphic descriptions of things teenagers should be excited to do…as long as the person they want to do it with is excited as well. And to make matters worse, parents weren’t informed their kids would be seeing the video. They only found out about it after a student complained.

This is the type of stuff being pushed onto our students across the United States, without apology, from groups like Planned Parenthood. In fact, they’re proud of this aggressive agenda. They see it as their mission to indoctrinate our young people into changing sexual norms. Anything that resembles Judeo-Christian values and traditional sexuality must be removed. In response to the video, Planned Parenthood said:

“The “Consent 101” series of online videos are geared for older teens and young adults. The videos explain and model what consent is and what it looks like in different situations, and is inclusive of diverse sexual orientations and race/ethnicities. This award-winning video series is designed to help young people understand consent in a relatable, as well as educational, way. Planned Parenthood Federation of America has placed these videos online for free so that any community across the country can utilize them just by going to Planned Parenthood’s website. We hope these videos help young people better understand that consent is part of healthy communication in relationships and encourage them to have open, honest conversations with their partners.”

Fortunately, the school district suspended from campus the organization that showed the video (Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center), but this shows us, once again, the lengths some in our society will go to in order to promote the sexual revolution.

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