Obama Is Trying To Destroy Trump’s Presidency Before It Starts

Obama Is Trying To Destroy Trump’s Presidency Before It Starts

When Donald Trump won the election, we all wondered how the transition would go. After all, Trump is the anti-Obama, not just in policy, but in personality. Obama is cautious and deliberative; Trump is in-your-face and spontaneous. It doesn’t help matters that they have a feud dating back for years. If ever the U.S. reprimanded a president’s policies, it was when we selected Trump over Obama. When Trump swears into office on January 20th, much of the Obama legacy will be immediately destroyed, because most of the things Obama accomplished were done with executive orders. The bad thing about avoiding Congress to get things done is that a future president can undo your work with the stroke of a pen, and that’s exactly what the anti-Obama has vowed to do.

At first, it appeared that President Obama and President-Elect Trump were going to make this a very seamless and cordial transition. They met at the White House together. They told public jokes, laughed, shook hands, and vowed that their transition teams would not let differences in positions come between the peaceful transfer of power. For a while, I must admit, I believed our current President. I was quite shocked by the humility that was shown by both Obama and the election loser Hillary Clinton. They each gave public statements of support for Trump’s administration, promising to work with him and not against him. I even got on my radio show the next day to sing the praises of the Left, which if you listen to my show, you know I rarely find reason to do. The honeymoon did not last long, however.

First it was Hillary. Not long after seemingly riding into the sunset with grace, the scandalous former Secretary-of-State reappeared to scream foul play. Her behind the scenes attempt with Jill Stein to have a recount in the Rust Belt backfired; Trump actually gained votes. For weeks we were forced to endure allegations of Russian hacking, threats to Electoral College voters, mobs in major cities burning and looting, and efforts by the Left to delegitimize Trump before he even took office. I thought it was all Hillary, but now Obama has decided to take his ball and go home as well.

The UN resolution against Israel is a stain on Obama’s legacy, plain and simple. Our current President is bitter and angry that his nemesis will erase his efforts with ease. Allowing the UN to deem Israel as a criminal actor was a parting shot to both Israel and Trump, and had nothing to do with policy. Now, in a true show of sour grapes, President Obama has sanctioned Russia and expelled dozens of Russian officials from America. He claims Russia ‘hacked the election’, but cannot produce anything definitive. Even worse, while Obama and the Left are angry over alleged hacking of Democrat emails, they conveniently forget what was in the emails: proof that Hillary illegally conspired to rig the elections, collaborate with the media, and remove political opponents. If anyone is guilty, the democrats are.

All the Israel and Russia drama is proof of one thing: Barak Obama is childish, and in his last lame-duck days in office, he is setting the world on fire in hopes of making Trump look bad.

From what we have seen of The Donald so far, it won’t work.

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