It’s Immoral To Celebrate John McCain’s Health Issues

It’s Immoral To Celebrate John McCain’s Health Issues

A recent surgical procedure to remove a blood clot from above the left eye of Senator John McCain revealed something even more disturbing: a brain tumor called glioblastoma. This type of tumor is aggressive, and it is sad news for anyone who receives the diagnosis. Clearly, our prayers are with Sen. McCain and his family, and we pray he recovers from this terrible condition.

I have to say, I’ve been very disappointed in the reaction of many on social media. Now, I am the first to say that I disagree with McCain on numerous issues, and I feel he has been too soft on conservative principles, too eager to compromise with liberal Democrats, and too weak in moments when we needed him to be strong. However, those are political issues, and his diagnosis of a brain tumor is a personal one. I’m saddened to see many on the left (and right) declare how happy they are that this man has received such a terrible report. Shouts of glee ring out from leftists who want to see a Republican die, and some on the right are all to happy to watch him suffer through this, believing they will get a better Senator to take his place. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting.

Clearly, we have lost the ability to separate partisan politics (of which I am entrenched and make no apologies) from the personal humanity of an individual. This is a place from which I am not sure we can return. Mocking those who essentially receive death warrants from cancer is vile. Those who do so are reprobate and calloused, perhaps beyond repair. I was not a fan of John McCain’s political positions many times, and would love to see a more conservative Senator replace him, but that is not what’s most important. If I had to choose between McCain having an aggressive brain tumor while we get a more conservative Senator, or him never getting that report and staying in the Senate, I would choose his health. It’s sad that some are cheering his eventual demise.

John McCain volunteered for combat duty in Vietnam. On October 26, 1967, his plane was shot down as he flew over Hanoi on his 23rd combat mission. Both of his arms were broken, as well as one of his legs. Over the next five and a half years, he would live as a tortured prisoner-of-war in a North Vietnamese camp. Many times he was offered early release because his father was a high-ranking officer in the Navy, but he rejected the offers each time in honor of the military code of conduct.

After a cease fire took effect, John McCain was released, but he would never again have his youthful strength. Did you notice when he ran for President in 2008 that he would wave to crowds, but his arms would never go above his shoulders? That’s because of his torture. McCain is a true American hero. He has suffered in ways that most Americans will never understand. His bravery in volunteering for combat duty is commendable, and his time as  POW has earned him a lifetime of respect, regardless of his political positions.

Every Monday on my radio program, I interview a veteran and tell their stories to East Tennessee. Not every veteran shares my conservative ideology; some have been die-hard liberals. But none of that matters, because some things are more important than all the political noise. Senator McCain should retire from the Senate and be with his family, given his current medical condition. But if he chooses to stay and be the moderate Senator that I get frustrated with quite frequently, I’ll proudly salute him and his service to our nation.

As for those who are so heartless and cold that they would cheer for the tumor to win:

You reap what you sow.

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