Every 4th of July, when we celebrate our freedom from Great Britain, we declare our love for liberty to everyone around us.

Afterwards, however, we get caught in the trap of busyness, which robs us of our freedom-focused lifestyles. What I say now is especially true in light of Great Britain’s recent vote for independence from the EU.

Independence must be declared by each new generation.

It was unthinkable that the government of Great Britain would tax the Americans without giving them representation in Parliament. In fact, it was so unacceptable that men would eventually take up their weapons and fight government oppression. We became our own nation on the basis of individual freedom.

Fast forward to our day. We have corrupted our system of government, one that was handed to us by freedom loving men like George Washington and many others, in exchange for convenience. We used to have a spirit of liberty; now we possess a spirit of dependence.

Independence must be declared by each new generation.

Americans can’t be bothered by the fact that the government is out of control and growing bigger every day. That’s too complicated. Besides, your favorite show is on in half an hour, and that’s more important. There was a day when our personal liberty was most important; now we don’t even know what personal liberty means.

3-letter agencies (like the FBI, NSA, DOE, EPA, DOJ and others) have come to control your life. No longer are you protected by a representative that you met, questioned, and voted for. Your representatives in Congress have no power over the men and women who control these agencies. They are unelected and unaccountable, and they rule over you. Perhaps our new President-Elect Trump will get busy reducing the burden and overreach of government, but even if he doesn’t, you must say vigilant. But many don’t care. It’s too complicated.

Independence must be declared by each new generation.

If our founders had lived in this day, they would take up their courage and convictions and take back their nation. Today, we take up our remotes and change the channel.

On this day, the day we celebrate our Independence, we are more bound than ever before. It wasn’t done through an occupying force or an enslavement of the American citizenry. We are more controlled and less represented today because we have gone willingly into submission. We have freely traded the inconvenience of personal responsibility for the great lie of government security. The price has been high, and we have paid dearly.

As our former masters celebrate their vote for independence from an oversized, out-of-control government in Europe, it is clear that they are learning what we have forgotten.

Bigger government is not the answer. Liberty is not easy, but it is worth pursuing. Until we learn to love our liberty again, we will live under the yolk of restriction. Perhaps, as time goes on, more of my fellow citizens will begin to hate the growth of controlling government. Then maybe, just maybe, we can follow in the footsteps of our founders and modern Great Britain, and declare our independence again.

After all, independence must be declared by each new generation.


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