If The Government Controls Healthcare, Then The Government Controls Your Body

If The Government Controls Healthcare, Then The Government Controls Your Body

In the coming days, we will watch as the Senate tries (yet again) to finally rid America of the terrible legislation known as the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. We have all watched as Democrats tried to paint Republicans as pushing grandmothers off bridges and burning down the retirement homes of seniors. The onslaught has been persistent, and it appears the Democrats don’t have any other message than to say that Republicans are bad, single-payer is the answer, and the Right hates you. It’s a tiresome narrative.

Whether or not the bill in the Senate is passed is uncertain, but I can say with full confidence this one thing: both the Left and the Right are misguided in their attempts to ‘fix’ the healthcare situation. You see, the Democrats believe the only answer is a full-blown, completely socialist system that the government controls from top-to-bottom. In the other party, members are not talking about getting government out of the way, but rather how much government should involve itself. That’s a no-win situation, and regardless of the outcome of the Senate health bill, it’s a loss for Americans.

Republicans will never win an argument about healthcare in America if they insist on inserting government as the provider in some way or another. Let the Democrats own that. They want big-government solutions. Why copy them? What GOP leaders should be doing is talking about getting government out of the healthcare business altogether. Words like ‘free market’ and ‘limited government’ should be heard coming from the halls of the Republican-controlled Congress, but that’s not what we hear. Instead, we get conversations about subsidies, regulations, and legislation. It’s an embarrassment to those who claim to be from the party of smaller government.

Why should government not control healthcare? That seems to be the question that needs answered. Aside from arguments about personal responsibility and freedom of choice, there is a major issue at stake: control of one’s own body. This is an argument that is used by the Left when the conversation turns to abortion, so they should feel inclined to listen now (I don’t have the time to get into the facts that Leftists ignore the child when talking about a right to abortion). Government already controls too many things; do we really want to give these super-powerful politicians control of our very lives?

If the government controls healthcare, then it controls who gets it, what they get, how they get it, why they get it, where they get it, and when they get it. Receiving care for your body is no longer a decision you get to make for yourself, but under the government single-payer system, the hospital, doctors…and government…all get to decide. Payment becomes a tax-payer issue, not a personal responsibility for a good or service received, and we all know how efficient and effective our government is at budgeting.

If this sounds like a conspiracy theory or wacky speculation, do a quick Google search for Charlie Gard. If you haven’t heard of him before, you’ll be interested to do so. He’s an 11-month-old boy in Europe with a rare disease. His parents have been doing everything in their power to keep him alive. But recently, the European Court on Human Rights (ironically) decided that the hospital has to take him off any care he’s receiving and let him die. His parents said that’s not what they wanted, but the Court said it wasn’t their decision. This is truly the definition of a death panel. The parents even went so far as to raise over one million dollars to save him and take him to the United States for treatment, but the Court said he must die. It’s appalling. Fortunately, President Trump and many others around the world intervened and the Court stayed their decision to evaluate what to do.

Our prayers are for Charlie and his family, but parents should never have to be in that situation in the first place. Government has no right to tell anyone they must kill their child. Any government with that kind of powerf is too large and should be cut down to size. No parent should have to petition the government to let their children live. It is not the responsibility of Congress to decide what’s in your best interests; that’s your decision. Yet this type of government solution is exactly the kind of single-payer system liberals applaud and want to see in the land of the free. I believe America should be different. Our whole purpose for existing is freedom and liberty, and if we were to go to a government-controlled, single-payer system, our liberty would be lost in one of the most important areas of all…our own bodies.

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