Facebook Is Giving You A Secret Reputation Score

Facebook Is Giving You A Secret Reputation Score

As if the tech giants don’t have enough problems when it comes to their public images, new revelations show that Facebook is actually giving you a reputation rating…a secret reputation rating.

Note: Facebook and other tech giants have been practicing a technique known as ‘shadow banning’, which means content is posted, but they aren’t showing it to people. The creator has no clue. To help get around this, we have a newsletter. It’s free and released every Friday to your email. Click here to sign up!

The scale is from 0-1, and while you can’t access your score or know how they calculate it, they use it to measure your reliability. If that makes you feel weird, it should. Secret lists from gigantic companies that shape your reputation online are both disgusting and unethical. With shadow banning the new mode of operation used by the tech giants these days, and Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey admitting the platform has a leftist mentality, we can add private, numeric ratings to their arsenal of how we are organized and classified, and it makes trusting these social giants even harder to do.

Just the other day we attempted to advertise on Facebook with a simple message: Speak the truth, Love God, Defend America. The ad was denied because it was deemed ‘too political’ for public consumption. When we contacted Facebook for clarification, they didn’t have a reason for denying the ad. Instead, we were told to either edit the ad to remove the political content, or not run it. We chose not to run it. Only the Facebook titans know how the conversation has impacted our secret reputation score. Here’s the ad:

One of the problems with having a secret reputation/rating system to measure your trustworthiness is clear: people are liars. It’s a common practice for people to report posts and flag content solely because they disagree with it. The content would have nothing illegal or immoral within it, but because the person who saw it doesn’t like the author or what it said, it is placed into a flagged zone for Facebook overlords to issue their rulings.

One of the important parts of our national discussion is the toleration of speech we don’t like. Shutting people down because you don’t like them is not a far step from you being shut down because someone doesn’t like what you have to say. If you want to be heard, you have to let other speak as well. It doesn’t mean you have to like their page, retweet their words, or share their videos, but in a world where we silence opposing view, we silence ourselves. Alex Jones is a great example of this. His content has been removed from practically all social media sites, such as YouTube, iTunes and Facebook. You don’t have to agree with Jones, but you should want him to have his voice out there, because that means you get yours out there as well.

Unless the faceless tech giants decide your secret reputation score is too low.

Then, oh well, you’re out of luck.

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