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My Consulting Services

I help individuals, churches, organizations and businesses get past the hurdles that are in their way. While I can help in many different ways, here are my 3 most popular areas of expertise:

Church Consulting

Let me put my experience as a Senior Pastor and an Executive Pastor to work for you.

Media Strategist

I know how to give you a game-plan using the skills I learned as a nationally-syndicated radio host.

Organizational Structuring

As an intelligence agent, this skill helped me be successful, and I can help you as well.

List Of Consulting Services


Burnt-out pastors and stagnant churches, you’re not alone. I’ve been there and can see the way out.


Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your motivation factor. I’ll get my (photoshop) brushes.


Navigating the media when you’re in the spotlight doesn’t have to be scary. Make me your PR guy and take off the pressure.


You’ve got it together, but can’t seem to get it out there, huh? Relax, it’s not as scary as it seems.



Don’t let disorganization plague your organization again. Take control and start being productive once more.

Social Media

Want to get tech savy and hip like the youngters? You’ll be gram-ing with the best of them before you know it.


Getting in front of the right people can change the direction of your life or company. I’ll open up my contact book.



Sometimes you need in-depth, continuing conversations from someone who’s walked your road. I’m available.


“Steven Solomon brings to light successful intelligence strategies. His heart and professionalism are honestly portrayed.”

Jeff Figone, 1SG (Retired), US Army

I Also Give Speeches & Talks

From crowds of 10,000 to small rooms with 2 people, from churches to networking groups, I have spent years speaking about my experiences as an intelligence agent in Afghanistan, life as a pastor, and stories from talk radio. And each time I get as much as I give. I can’t wait to meet you.

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