Monday, June 17, 2019


Steven Solomon’s podcast

Part 3 wraps up the conversation with Lagard Smith regarding Noah's Flood, the multiverse theory, and philosophical implication of evolutionary creationism.
In part two of a conversation with LaGard Smith, the theory that God created evolution is discussed, along with the theological problems that poses for Christians.
When it comes to biology, is it possible that Darwinism has a fatal flaw? LaGard Smith shares why he believes the rules about sexual reproduction drive a stake through the heart of the theory of evolution.
Daniel Secomb is this episode's guest, and the conversation centers around Israel, Islam, and End Times. They also discuss the Electoral College, as well as the growing insanity of leftists.
Lies Pastors Believe is a book by Dayton Hartman, who serves as an adjunct professor for a number of schools including Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and Judson College. In this episode, he talks with Steven about the pitfalls that can...
Bruce Ashford serves as Provost and Professor of Theology & Culture at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. He's the author of Every Square Inch: An Introduction to Cultural Engagement for Christians and One Nation Under God: A Christian Hope for...
Daniel Ritchie was born without arms, but that didn't stop him from overcoming life's struggles. He speaks about his reliance on God, the people who invested in him at a young age, and the joy he finds in sharing...
Many churches today have a cookie-cutter feel. Simply trade out the names and they are indistinguishable. With so many congregations following the 'template', it can sometimes feel hard to connect. A former pastor walks through his transition from leader...

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