Build The Wall, And Make NEW Mexico Pay For It

Build The Wall, And Make NEW Mexico Pay For It

On immigration issues, Democrat governors and mayors are refusing to help President Trump enforce the border and stop illegal aliens from coming in via their States. They oppose the border wall. They oppose e-verify. They oppose anything that has to do with reporting illegals to the federal government. Their beloved ‘sanctuary city’ status makes them feel they have the moral high-ground, all while illegals take our money and send it back to their home countries as remittances, as well as clogging up our police departments with responses to crimes that shouldn’t even be happening. 

The problem with allowing illegal aliens into non-complying border States is this: these people eventually cross into non-border States that don’t want them. So, while New Mexico wants to become the real Mexico, their refusal to comply with our President and the rule of law brings problems into surrounding States, like Kansas, Utah and Oklahoma. It starts with liberal States which are high-minded, and it flows into conservative States that want to maintain law and order.

In the spirit of liberalism and progressive values, I’ve decided to approach this issue in the same way the democrats under Obama approached conservatives who opposed them. 

Let’s fine the liberal States into bankruptcy.

As an example, let’s use the Obama EPA rules, applying them to the immigration problem, and see how fast progressive leaders change their minds. 

In 2014, the EPA threatened a Wyoming man with civil and criminal penalties – including the threat of a $75,000-a-day fine – for building a pond on his property. Leftists applauded the federal government for fining the man in order to solve the ‘problem’ of a man using his own land in a lawful way. So, let’s explore this and see how committed liberals are to their own values.

Using the same fine as a measuring stick, we can calculate a $75,000-a-day fine per illegal alien. According to Pew Research, in fiscal year 2016, at the southwest border there were 408,870 apprehensions. That translates to roughly 1,120 illegal aliens crossing into America per day. So, using these numbers and liberal logic, we should start fining the border States that refuse to comply with immigration laws a daily fine of $84 million dollars! That’s $30.6 billion dollars for 2017. 

Essentially, we are looking at two border States that are intentionally disregarding the law: California and New Mexico. The other southwest border States (Arizona and Texas) are controlled by Republicans and will likely cooperate with President Trump and Congress. Additionally, the fine will only apply to the States that won’t cooperate, not States that have rebellious cities (like Texas, where Austin refuses to obey the law, but the governor is threatening to withhold money from them). I wonder how long New Mexico could hold out on its hatred of Trump when they are being fined $84 million dollars a day? Their budget couldn’t handle it, and they would cave at even the threat of such a fine.

I’m all for States’ rights, but this is not a States’ rights issue. This is a border protection issue, and that responsibility belongs to the federal government. This is not up for debate. In Arizona v. United States in 2012, Justice Kennedy wrote the decision, stating, “The Government of the Unit­ed States has broad, undoubted power over the subject of immi­gration and the status of aliens…This authority rests, in part, on the National Government’s con­stitutional power to “establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization,” U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4, and its inherent power as sovereign to control and conduct relations with foreign nations.” In other words, the federal government decides who gets in and who stays out.

In a sane world, the border States would want to keep illegal aliens out of their State and our nation. Unfortunately, we’re talking about leftists here, so sanity isn’t usually part of the equation. Given this weird situation, where the feds must protect our border, and certain States won’t help in that endeavor, this seems like a simple compromise. So, if these far-left States refuse to obey the law, let’s levy the daily fine and call it even.

We’ll use the money to build the wall…and make New Mexico pay for it!

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