Big Government Has Done A Good Job Keeping You Unaware

Big Government Has Done A Good Job Keeping You Unaware

One of the vital components of Leftism is to make the American citizenry reliant on government. If you were to take away this control, the liberals in authority would quickly lose their influence and power. Whenever we talk about progressives, liberals, Democrats, Leftists, socialist…use whatever term you want…we are talking about the dumbing down of the individual and the increased need for more government intervention in everyday life.

When you look around our society, you see numerous areas in which the Left has succeeded in making us subservient and docile. The recent expansion of government medicine known as Obamacare is a good example (Trump will likely dismantle most of it). The immediate reaction of calling the police when in danger is another. Instead of looking to ourselves for protection and safety, we quickly dial the government’s emergency number and wait for them to do what we used to do for ourselves. We have been trained to sit back and wait for the almighty 3-letter-agencies to save us. The Left has done a fine job on this.

Perhaps nowhere are we more under the influence of the American Left than on the issue of taxes. Nowadays, taxes have become something that the masses accept without thinking about. In truth, whatever the government demands and takes is automatically embraced by the population without question. Every now and then someone may make an argument for lower taxes, but there is rarely a good debate or action on it.

Donald Trump has risen to power using the argument (among many) that we should lower the tax burden on corporations and individuals. He’s right, of course, but my point is that the people aren’t even aware enough to care. They can simply nod in agreement or shake their heads in disapproval to these 2 statements: 1) We must lower taxes, and 2) We need higher taxes. It’s hard for the great majority of Americans to get into the dirty details of such statements. And when you aren’t willing to get into the nitty-gritty, you are submitting to whatever taxation levels those in power place on you. It’s the classic disagreement with government, but lack of casting-a-vote situation.

The way the liberals in this nation keep control when it comes to taxes is through neat little back-door law called automatic deduction of taxes. You see, when you go to work and receive your paycheck (or have it automatically placed into your bank account), you are not getting everything you agreed to work for. Let’s use an example:

You and an employer agree to join forces. You will work for $3,000/month. The employer will pay you twice a week (but for the purposes of this article, let’s say you get paid at the end of every month). On the last day of the month you receive your paycheck, but instead of getting $3,000, you look down and see $2,300. What happened? Well, your savvy government though it would be ‘easier’ for them to take ‘their’ money from you before you get it. Now, instead of expecting $3,000 every month, you are trained to expect less.

Imagine instead that you get $3,000 a month from your employer, just as you agreed. Then, every year at tax time, you have to write a nice, fact check to the federal government in the amount of thousands of dollars. How would you feel about that? Would you like it? Would it make you angry? Of course you would be outraged! It would not take too many years for us to start paying close attention to how much the government steals from us, and even closer attention to how they spend it. Waste, fraud and abuse would be at the front of our minds every day when taking about government.

Yet, in our current world, the government takes money from you without you even noticing, spends it on things you aren’t paying attention to, then criticizes some for not paying enough. It’s a great deal of for Leftists, but a rotten one for freedom-loving Americans.

So, the next time you look at your paycheck, ask yourself who spends your money better: you or the Feds?

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