Americans Don’t Trust Traditional Media, And That’s Just Fine

Americans Don’t Trust Traditional Media, And That’s Just Fine

In the eyes of the traditionally big media players (think CNN, The New York Times, NPR, etc.), few things are as annoying as the independent guy who launches out on his own to do ‘journalism’. He is the scourge of the industry. Respectable people wouldn’t stoop to such independent levels. If you were anybody in the industry, you started as a maggot at the bottom and slowly worked your way up the food chain, hoping one day an important somebody or other would notice you and make you bigger. Those days, thankfully, are quickly coming to an end.

For years, the major news networks and papers dominated the media cycle. If you wanted to know what was happening around the globe, the nation, or even your own community, these were the people to go to. They had captivated and captured our attention for so many decades. And to make matters even better for them, the listers/watchers/readers had nowhere to turn if they didn’t like what they heard/saw/read. They held Americans hostage, and we didn’t seem to care.

But today, we have an entirely different story. The days of blind trust in the big three networks has disappeared. No longer do Americans gather around the television to hear what a nightly news anchor is saying. No, those days are gone and will never come back. Replacing that era of monopolized media is the age of the Internet, and websites have become the new big thing for informing the masses on daily events. The smart newspapers have created easy-to-navigate websites; those who don’t will go the way of the dinosaurs.

Leading the charge among those who have broken the media system are giants like Matt Drudge ( and now, to the disdain of many, Breitbart ( Yes, there are the occasional fake news outlets that exist only to get clicks on Facebook, leading you to a story that sounds like it could be true, but is 100% fake. It doesn’t matter. You clicked the link, and they got their cash. While these sites exist, they aren’t the majority, or even a large portion of media content. Google and Facebook announced just today that they will seek to prevent these clickbait websites from collecting on ad revenue, but even still, they will continue to exist. That is not the issue. It is only indicative of the problem (for the big media players).

Donald Trump won because the regular guy is sick of high society Leftists telling them what terrible people they are.

In a not-so-stunning MRC/YouGov poll, most voters are rejecting traditional, big-time media. They find it untrustworthy, biased against certain viewpoints, and because the media swings heavily to the Left, against their political values. People are tired of watching media elites attempt to sway them with their snooty opinions and holier-than-thou commentary. The rich and famous on the television screens have completely lost touch with the typical American, and this recent election has proven such thinking. By a 3/1 margin, the American people believe the media was trying to get Hillary elected. And they think we don’t notice?

Everyone on the Left refuses to understand how Breitbart and Drudge can be so powerful, and they hate them for it. These non-traditional players have tapped into the hunger of the American populace in a way the Big-Three (NBC, CBS, ABC) never can. While the media elites continue to propagate the lie that Trump won because of racism, bigotry, homophobia, sexism (just insert whichever ‘ism’ or ‘phobia’ you most enjoy), the truth is this: Donald Trump won because the regular guy is sick of high society Leftists telling them what terrible people they are. Who gave us President Trump? Was it the racist redneck from West Virginia? Was it the uneducated, out-of-work factory worker in Michigan? Or perhaps the limited government, backwards Texan is to blame? None of those are what gave us our new leadership. If you want to know why Donald Trump will swear into office on January 20th, look no further than the aristocracy of media, colleges, Hollywood, and the political spheres. They called Americans all sorts of nasty things for decades, and the people finally fought back.

Despite all the kicking and screaming being done by the Left over Steven Bannon being picked by Trump to help advise him (spoiler alert: Jews like him, and they are pushing back on the narrative that he is an anti-Semite), or the anger by smug liberals over the rise of Drudge and Breitbart, the truth is that these new waves of media are dominating as never before, and they will only get louder and more influential.

So, while USA Today, MSNBC and The New Yorker throw their temper tantrums, Americans will finally be informing themselves on issues that actually matter to them…even if it means they have to endure an Onion article every now and then.

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