A Dad Of Two Girls Speaks: Hillary Clinton, You Don’t Give Hope To My Daughters

A Dad Of Two Girls Speaks: Hillary Clinton, You Don’t Give Hope To My Daughters

I have two beautiful girls. They are the most incredible creatures on earth. I thought I was enjoying life as a single man, but that was before I knew anything. Prior to becoming a father, I was in the Army, running around Afghanistan with the carelessness that every invincible 20-year-old has. I was untouchable, and the world was at my fingertips. It couldn’t get any better. Then my girls came along.

In addition to learning how to be a father, I had to learn how to be a husband. It hasn’t been easy, and I’ve made lots of mistakes along the way, but every step is more rewarding than the last. Every time I look around my life, and see the beautiful women God has put in my path, I am both amazed and grateful. My wife is the most passionate and talented person I know. She rarely gets credit for her intellect and abilities, and most of that is my fault. As a pastor and political pundit, much of the attention falls on me. If people only knew what my wife does, and how well she can do it, they would forget all about me.

I say all that to say this: in a world where anything is possible, I don’t need Hillary Clinton to be a role model for my two daughters. In fact, I would prefer it if she stopped trying to represent them. My girls don’t need an imaginary glass ceiling broken, nor do they need to be told that they cannot do something. They are given every opportunity, and some political talking point about women doing this or that is not going to change their chances at success and failure.

In America, women have held and currently hold the highest offices in the land. From three Supreme Court Justices, multiple Secretaries of State, to the Attorney General, women have risen through the ranks to become influential and powerful. Not only do we have examples nationally, but also at the State and local levels are women leading the way. When my girls get ready to step out into the world on their own, they will not have to try and claw their way to the top; women are already at the top, and I imagine this trend will continue as they get older. Women already earn degrees in higher numbers than men, and their percentage of the voting population is above 50 percent. Regardless of the lie the Democrats keep pushing, women are not a minority. They are the majority.

Hillary Clinton would have America believe that her nomination for President as a Democrat is historic and groundbreaking. I see nothing ground breaking about it. I see it as a tragedy. That a major American political party would choose her as their nominee is incredibly sad, and indicative of the state of our nation. We now put a higher priority on racial and gender identities than we do on moral fabric and the content of character. I worked in Military Intelligence, and I have seen people do less with classified information than she did, and suffer much bigger punishments. A trail of bad decisions and under-the-table manipulation has followed her around for decades. There is an old adage: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. With Hillary Clinton, the smoke is so thick you can’t see her iron fist in front of your face. If ever there were a role model to run from, it’s this woman.

Hillary Clinton is an example of what little girls should NEVER become. If my daughters grew up to imitate Hillary Clinton, I would be ashamed of them. Clinton is a walking scandal. Each day another revelation of how she manipulated a situation is made public, giving us yet another glimpse of her stop-at-nothing drive to obtain more and more power. There is little evidence to show that she gives thought to her character and ethical behavior. Clinton is as corrupt as they come, and in no way should my daughters look to her as an example of what they should be.

I see plenty of women I’d like my daughters to pattern their life after, the chief of which is my wife. She is a wonderful example of honesty, integrity, and genuine care. She rises early, works hard all day, trains our girls to be decent and proper, loves me through my faults, maintains a Godly demeanor in the face of adversity, and never glorifies herself. If my daughters turned out like my wife, I would die a very happy man.

If, however, they followed the example of the most underhanded and unprincipled presidential candidate I have ever seen, I would consider my work as a father a failure. If I wanted my daughters to learn how to manipulate the system, ride the success of other people to their own triumphs, skirt the law, and constantly have their characters challenged, there is a clear example for them to follow.

Mrs. Clinton, you do not represent a sample for my daughters to pattern themselves after. You are the furthest thing from what they need. The imaginary glass ceiling you push on little girls around the country is simply your excuse for authority. Just because you spent the past 30 years weaseling your way through government to get to this point, does not mean I am going to roll over and train my children to believe you are a great woman. You are an embarrassment to American values. I will not allow my daughters to believe that you are great just because you are knocking on the doors of the Oval Office.

I have seen great women. I live with them. I work with them.

Hillary Clinton is not one of them.

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