2016 Was An Incredible Year

2016 Was An Incredible Year

We are now in 2017.

While the Left is mourning their loss of power, and thus their hope for a more ‘progressive’ society, I find no reason to mourn. As a matter of fact, I am rejoicing. 2016 was not a year I desperately wanted gone, nor is 2017 a year I am dreading. While the Left bemoans Trump’s rise to power, I am exhilarated. I’ll tell you why.

To me, Trump does not represent hate, prejudice or discrimination. I know liberals want to portray him that way, buts that’s only because liberalism has clouded their minds from thinking clearly. They fear gays will be burned at the stake, oil companies will drown their puppies, and local control of education will destroy learning. But the truth is this: Trump represents a return to common sense, a true upholding of the law, and the beginning of normalcy again.

Gays will not be killed, puppies will not be drowned, blacks will not be lynched, and our children will not wander the streets drooling from a lack of education. As much as liberals hate to admit it, we are going to see (and have already started to see since Trump’s election) a fantastic era in America. The economy will grow, the borders will be secured, the cloud of political correctness will lift, and the law will be enforced. Thousands of un-vetted foreigners will not be given free housing and education at your expense. The Supreme Court will begin using the Constitution as its guide once again, as opposed to current political moods. Yes, 2017 is the start of something great.

Gone will be the days when we identify ourselves by the color of our skin or our sexuality. Identity politics is the only way the Left can have any influence, and once we destroy that manipulative tool, we will watch our nation thrive again. As MLK said, it’s the content of character that matters. I will rejoice when skin color quotas are abolished and token gender positions are eliminated. That type of thinking has crushed our nation, and the removal of that frail ideology will strengthen our country.

Liberals will freak out that this will lead to domination by the ever-dreaded straight, white male – that entity it seeks to remove from every public sphere of influence. In reality, this will lead to a merit-based society, where if you work hard you are rewarded, and if you are lazy you will suffer, regardless of skin color…and that’s exactly how it should be.

So while the Left screeches and shouts words like racism, bigotry, discrimination, sexism, patriarchy, homophobia, ageism, extremism, and every other phobia and ism you can dream up, I’ll be over here watching my nation become great.

Thanks, 2016. I’ll always look at you fondly.

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