Intel Agent | Pastor | Radio Host | Consultant

Hello, I’m Steven Solomon.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been able to do many incredible things, and I love using my experiences and abilities to help you overcome your next hurdle.

My official title is “consultant” – but the formalities stop there. What matters is that I can help you. Whether you’re an individual, group, church or business, I’ve got experience and abilities that can help you get past your next problem. 

No red tape.

No confusion.

Just results.

Put me to work for you.

Media Creator

I host a podcast, write books, fill-in as a guest host for radio shows, do man-on-the-street interviews and a whole bunch more.


If you’ve got a hurdle in front of you, I can help. My client list includes authors, security companies, schools, churches and more.

Pastor & Teacher

In addition to teaching public speaking at a college, I preach and teach in pulpits and classes across America. Let’s connect soon.

What Do I Do?

I work with people & groups to help them get better. That looks different for everyone, which means there’s no “one-size-fits-all” approach to our relationship. I put my experiences and abilities to work to help you become better at whatever it is that you care about. If you want to improve, I can help you.

Who Do I Work For?

You! I work for the frustrated pastor who can’t seem to get his church to maintain success. I work for the small business owner who needs a fresh brand and marketing plan. I work for youth groups that want down-to-earth answers to the tough questions in our society. You’re my boss, so put me to work!

5 Easy Steps

We’ll go from a problem to a solution in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Email Me

Send me an email to get the conversation going.

Step 2. Phone Call

After I get your email, we’ll schedule a free phone call.

Step 3. Evaluation

I’ll take a look at what you need help working on (church, business, marketing plan, public event, etc…) to see what value I can provide you.

Step 4. The Plan

We’ll map out a plan for success, setting benchmarks for success.

Step 5. Get To Work

Once we have a plan, I’ll work to make sure you get what you need.

How Much Does It Cost?

Each client is completely custom. My goal is to help you reach YOUR goal, so we’ll talk and come to an agreed upon dollar amount. In the end, we both want you to succeed, and since every task is different, so is the price. Send me an email and we can start talking about what you need to accomplish and how I can help you.

About Me

My entire professional career has been centered around communicating and interacting with others.

I served as an intelligence agent in Operation Iraqi Freedom & Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

I was a senior pastor in Tennessee and an executive pastor in Minnesota.

I hosted a nationally-syndicated talk radio show.

I teach Public Speaking in college.

As far as education, I hold a Master’s degree in Theology and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

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What People Are Saying

“Steven Solomon brings to light successful intelligence strategies. His heart and professionalism are honestly portrayed.”

Jeff Figone

1SG (RET), U.S. Army

“Steven Solomon is one of the best communicators I know. He draws from his experiences as a pastor, a soldier and radio host to reveal a unique perspective.”

Don Moen

Best-selling Producer, Dove Award Winner and Founder, Worship In Action (WIA)

“Steven brings a unique skillset to the table. His practical, down-to-earth applications are enjoyable and transformational.”

Dr. Michael Brown

Author and Nationally-Syndicated Host, The Line of Fire

It’s Time To Take The Next Step. Let’s Get Started Today!